The Value of NORM Membership: Building a Community of Support

The Value of NORM Membership: Building a Community of Support

At the heart of any organization lies the intrinsic value of membership. It's more than just a transaction; it's a sense of belonging, a connection to a community that understands the highs and lows of our professional journey. For those in the field of Rheumatology Practice Management, membership in NORM embodies this sentiment profoundly.

NORM, or the National Organization of Rheumatology Management, stands as a beacon for camaraderie and growth within our industry. Our mission is clear: to be a forum by which we promote and support education, expertise, and advocacy for rheumatology practices and their patients.

Through various initiatives, NORM accomplishes this mission with unwavering dedication. NORM Connect, our online community platform, serves as a hub for members to engage, share insights, and seek advice from peers across the nation. Additionally, our Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity for face-to-face networking, learning from industry experts, and staying updated on the latest trends. There are educational opportunities abound within NORM, with workshops, webinars, and resources designed to enhance members' skills and knowledge base. Moreover, NORM takes pride in our advocacy efforts, championing the interests of Rheumatology Practice Managers on a national level.

What our Members Say

As Amy Rogers, a dedicated member of NORM, eloquently puts it,

"Knowledge + Networking = NORM. NORM’s community forum and annual conference are so valuable to me and my practice!”

Echoing Amy's sentiment, Kelli Kelleher, a respected board member, highlights the significance of NORM membership:

"From the very first time I stepped foot into my first NORM conference as a newbie manager, I knew this organization was something I had to be more involved with. You can see the passion and excitement in every member's eyes as they are finally with like-minded colleagues all there for the same reason. In a world where professional networks are crucial, NORM stands tall as a testament to the power of community.”

Apply today and experience the value of NORM membership firsthand! We hope to see you in our Rheumatology community!